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Eiwa’s team gather for EBR

Every quarter our team reunite for Eiwa Business Review or EBR – a meeting that allow us to bring our team together to assess the previous quarter results and discuss our future goals and plans and strategize how we can deliver more value to our clients.

This quarter’s EBR was held in Buenos Aires, Argentina and it was composed by great presentations, leadership mentoring, feedbacks and much more.

Check out some of our best moments in pictures.

Eiwa at the World Agri-Tech South America Summit

Eiwa was present at the event and was represented by Nicolas and Helena (both still available for connecting through the Rethink Events platform – live until July 29th).

These past two days were certainly an exciting new chapter for the Latin American AgTech world. We’ve had interesting meetings and shared insights with various players from all across the Agri-Tech ecosystem.

It’s been amazing to be back to an event in person, along with so many colleagues and companies at the World Agri-Tech South America Summit in Sao Paulo. It feels empowering and energizing, a good recharge for the second half of 2022. Many thanks to The Yield Lab, Glocal and Xperiment Ventures for their continued support. We could just feel throughout meetings and panels that Agriculture is coming into a new digital era!

Nicolás Otamendishared a brief comment about the summit.


Eiwa at The Yield Lab Latam Seminar

Eiwa’s Chief Business Development Officer, Carlos Hirsch attends the Yield Lab Latam seminar on opportunities for latin-american startups, hosted by the Yield Lab Latam in collaboration with the World Trade Center St Louis, 39NorthSTL, The Yield Lab Institute and

More than 40 attendees participated online from the US, Brazil and Argentina.

Eiwa arrived in the US and presented it’s brand new product “Eiwa Vault”

September 8th was not another day on the field at Tilles Park; Eiwa introduced itself to the St. Louis agtech community and over 70 people that were connected online from other states and countries around the world. 

The event started with some opening words from the The Yield Lab representatives and the St. Louis ecosystem who welcomed Eiwa:

“We are delighted that today we can celebrate this next step in Eiwa’s journey” 

“One of the things I was excited about, what they were doing, is they can identified key capabilities that were going to bring value to Research & Development organizations”



“These guys did a remarkable job helping us understand the impact that they are poised to make in ag tech, in agriculture generally, showing us the products, showing us the degree of validation and credibility that they’ve been able to garner from the market …  I was super impressed and my team was too…”

“This ecosystem means a tremendous amount to me, to us, and I’m super thrilled that you are part of this ecosystem in a formal way”


“We looked at 1100 companies in Latin-america, 300 of them we had calls with, then we selected 40 of them, out of those 40 we cut the pool down to 13 of them and Eiwa is our first graduation … it’s very exciting to bring Eiwa to the US and help them come here”.

“I think it is super important to understand the opportunity that we have here in St. Louis connecting with Latin-america”


“To the team of Eiwa, welcome to St. Louis, we recognize it is hard work bringing company… the risk you have to take and the location decision you make are not easy ones… Thank you for taking that chance in St. Louis”. 

“We share a lot of values, we promote teamwork, we value people, we put our customers first, that perfectly encapsulates everything we are trying to build in St. Louis and I’m certain that you and your team are going to not only fit in, but you are going to thrive”. 


In addition to the speakers, Marcelo M. Rolandelli COO of Eiwa, Thad Simons Founder of The Yield Lab, Santiago Murtagh Managing Director of The Yield Lab LATAM, and Brandon Day COO of The Yield Lab Institute were present at the event.

Marcelo Gowland, Co-Founder and CFO at Eiwa told us about their mission, their value proposition and how they solve the challenge of digital transformation in agriculture. Finally, he introduced the evolution of their team.

Nicolás Otamendi, Co-Founder and CEO at Eiwa, attended virtually and shared with the audience “seven years ago we saw these huge field trials and knew exactly our entry point. After talking with several leaders of the industry and farmers we felt this was a great opportunity for Eiwa to accelerate and maximize agriculture at a global scale. The key was, and still is, how to use and organize data to develop the industry of the future”.

Their new team member and CBDO, Carlos Hirsch, closed the presentation introducing Eiwa Vault, which is going to be available to the market starting November 15th. 

Eiwa Vault, is a cloud enterprise data management platform, specially built for crop science. It also bridges data gaps across the enterprise streamlining research, development, marketing, sales and farming processes.

“Eiwa’s road so far has been successful because it evolved. The team has been listening to the customers and learning from them.”, Hirsch said.

Let’s evolve together.

Eiwa Arrives in St. Louis in September

This young, yet mature company, empowers the Farming Ecosystem to develop and adopt new farm inputs, management practices and digital services. Eiwa’s expertise focuses on Seed Breeding, Seed Development and Crop Protection. “We add value in the innovation and digitalization of agriculture, having an impact on the present and changing the future,” Marcelo Gowland says, Co-Founder and CFO.

With offices in Argentina and Brazil, Eiwa builds its business from focusing on the farm input

organizations by creating value since day one. Earlier this year the regional startup; pioneer in farm input ecosystem digitization; announced their $2 million dollar seed round. This round was led by The Yield Lab’s.

Eiwa’s earned reputation speaks for itself, Syngenta, Stine, GDM, Adama, FMC, UPL are just a few names from their clients’ portfolio.


What’s about to happen in St. Louis?

The arrival of Eiwa in the US, a leadership team introduction and the launch of their brand new product are the main highlights of their participation at the upcoming EIWA – ST. LOUIS LAUNCH DAY Presented By The Yield Lab on September 8th of 2021, at the Gloria Rodgers Shelter at Tilles Park. This event that will gather the key players, companies and investors from the AgTech industry will also be available in virtual – live broadcast.

Eiwa’s participation alongside The Yield Lab, The Yield Lab LATAM and other St. Louis stakeholders will be featuring the main event festivities and pitches.

More news yet to come!

Eiwa Press Release