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Eiwa Vault

With Eiwa Vault, we integrate siloed data and different platforms to create a unified system. This gives you a complete overview of your trials and fields, simplifying large-scale analysis and data-driven decision-making for your product or business.
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Field Viewer

Through the GIS viewer, you can ingest, combine, and manage all types of geospatial layers, such as soil layers, agricultural activity layers like planting, application, harvest monitors, and drone flights.

Data Editor

All geospatial layers, along with other file types, can be converted into tabular data, facilitating the analysis of multiple variables. Spreadsheets can be ingested and simultaneously downloaded in CSV or XLS format.

Eiwa Scouting App

Our Scouting app for field data collection will assist you in setting up, surveying, and tracking traits and data to be collected in trials. The app is available on Android and iOS, works offline, and syncs directly to the Eiwa Vault cloud.

BI dashboards

Once the data is organized, we provide access to our Power BI tool to design your management dashboards. We can add statistical modules for R&D teams, as well as real-time data, showing campaign progress and facilitating field visualization for both internal and external teams.

Analytics Library

Our Analytics Library provides you with a comprehensive resource of various data analysis algorithms, developed both internally and by third parties, which you can request directly from the platform at any time. Some of the most commonly used analytics include: plant counting, crop senescence index, and plot quality analysis.

Integrations Library

We are integrated with leading platforms such as John Deere, Climate Field View, and ERPs like Albor and Finnegans through Agrology. Simultaneously, we have the possibility to integrate via API with any other agronomic platform, such as Climate, IoT Sensors, and satellite imagery.

Servicios Profesionales

Professional Services

Throughout our experience in the agricultural sector, we have identified a common challenge: the excess of data and platforms in many companies, with significant underutilization of their potential. This lack of integration and organization prevents comprehensive and effective analysis.

To address this challenge, we have developed a new vertical within our platform. Our goal is to support these companies in understanding their current data management and platform landscape, as well as in defining a medium-term strategy. Through assessment tools, we help identify areas for improvement and outline a clear path to successful execution of their data management process.

Whether it is for data integration into our platform, identifying automation needs in data flows, or performing API integrations, our focus is always on contributing to the construction of a solid digital infrastructure. This infrastructure will allow companies to fully exploit their business potential through efficient data management.

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