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We are present throughout the R&D pipeline

Although Eiwa began in the Breeding sector with trials, today our platform supports other teams in the R&D pipeline, such as Product Placement or Market development. At the same time the platform has adapted to new input sectors, such as Crop Protection and Fertilizers.
If you want to get your data earlier in the season and ensure the data quality of your trials, contact our experts
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Cómo funciona

How it works

1. Trial Planning


We start the process by creating trials, establishing the basis for data generation and orthomosaic georeferencing.

2. Data ingestion from different sources:


We collect and process relevant images and layers for data integration.

3. GIS conversion to tabular data:


We use our Data Editor to convert these layers into processable data, ready for analysis.

4. Analytics Library:


We have a library of more than 20 algorithms developed by us or by third parties, to perform data analysis on a scale that provides valuable and granular information to facilitate decision-making.

5. Customized BI dashboards:


Finally, we present the information in a personalized way through our BI Dashboards, enabling easy interpretation and data sharing with external and internal teams.

Eiwa supports you during every step of the way, ensuring that your data is transformed into valuable information for decision-making. We significantly reduce data processing times and scale the solution to meet your needs.

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