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Eiwa Vault
Combine data from multiple sources and bridge data gaps from R&D to Sales.
Eiwa Vault Benefits
Ingest Massive Data

Receive data from various sources, such as sensors, satellites, drones, IoTs, ERP and field notes.

Gather existing siloed data - The Eiwa Vault breaks down siloed data, creating a unified data system that allows you to have a global view of trials and fields, identify opportunities and make better decisions informed.

Access third-party governed data - With an integrated data management system, you can access all third-party data in one place, facilitating and accelerating the product development process.

Standardize data formats - The Eiwa Vault allows you to reduce errors, increase the precision and reliability of the analysis, standardizing data from various sources.

Analyze Data

The Eiwa Vault combines various data sources to create different analyzes.

Execute data processing pipelines - The Eiwa Vault goes beyond data management and standardization. It allows you to use all the ingested data to create analyses, obtain insights and transform data into results and revenue.

Access Eiwa Analytics Marketplace - A complete library of specialized analytics available for your company to transform your data into informed and accurate decisions.

Upload proprietary analytics - you can bring your current analytics in Eiwa Vault and at the same time explore new opportunities, offering your analytics to other Eiwa clients.

Mobilize and Monetize Data

Receive data from multiple sources and share information and insights across multiple departments.

Organize and share data rooms - With Eiwa Vault, you don't just have all data in one place, but you can also share insights with your team, leveling up knowledge and speeding up the overall knowledge process.

Create and share BI dashboards - Our customizable dashboards make it easy to visualize information, with full graphical support for your data and insights.

Sell data sets and analytics - Explore new business opportunities and create new revenue streams with Eiwa Vault.


Unleash the true power of data with Eiwa Vault