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Geolocate Trial


Geolocate your trials at anytime!

Eiwa Vault is a cloud platform that manages and analyzes large amounts of data from multiple sources related to fields and trials to generate insights for the agricultural industry and help their scientists, managers and team members make more informed decisions from R&D to sales, accelerating their product development cycle and mobilizing agronomic knowledge.

Now, Eiwa Vault is launching a new feature that allows you to geolocate trials before season starts, improving your planning process. By early geolocating a trial, you can better dimension field space, design workflows, anticipate actions and start uploading trial data and layers before season starts.

The platform provides a user-friendly interface that makes the trial geolocation an easy step for users. See how to early create and geolocate your trial in Eiwa Vault below.

  1. Select a Field – you can also create a new field anytime.
  2. Click in “Add Trial” to create a new trial and fill the information solicited, including trial name, range amount, plots per range, rows per plot and crop type.
  3. Define the distance between rows and inform a targeted plant density, trial type, plot length and planting date.

That’s it! Now the platform is ready for geolocating the trial in the field. You can see the satellite image of the field and choose the location of the trial and then demarcate easily in the platform. 

Now the new trial is ready to receive massive data from field notes, sensors, ERP systems, historical databases and many more.

Do you want to know more about Eiwa Vault and how it can improve your product development cycle from R&D to sales? Let's talk. Contact our team and let’s schedule a demonstration.